Arte riprogrammata

Arte riprogrammata is my master's thesis and project that aims to digitize the artworks from the 1962 exhibition Arte programmata. Arte cinetica, opere moltiplicate, opera aperta (Programmed art. Kinetic art, multiplied works, open work).
Due to the stochastic processes, which cannot be digitized using conventional image/video methods, the artworks have been digitized through coding.
Digitized reproduction of Superficie magnetica, Davide Boriani, 1960. © Davide Boriani & Elia Medeot
Digitized reproduction of Urmnt, Gabriele Devecchi, 1961. © Archivio Devecchi & Elia Medeot
Digitized reproduction of Nove sfere in colonna, Bruno Munari, 1962. Reproduction for educational purposes. © Corraini Edizioni
Digitized reproduction of Rilievo ottico-dinamico, Alberto Biasi, 1962. © Alberto Biasi & Elia Medeot
The source codes of the digitized reproductions of Superficie digitale (renamed from Superficie magnetica, under request of Davide Boriani), Urmnt and Rilievo ottico-dinamico have all been published on GitHub under the GPLv3 license with the permission of the respective artists.